What's your Balinese sign?

Have you ever heard of the Pawukon calendar which is still in active use on the Indonesian island of Bali?
This unique calender which dates back to the 14th century has years of 210 days and as many as 10 different weeks running at the same time.
The longest week cycle has 10 days and the shortest week consist of just 1 single day!
The Balinese astrological chart which is called Palelintangan distinguishes 35 signs, each with it's own unique characteristics.
With one of the world's most complex calendars, people on Bali prefer to consult an expert rather than puzzling out the astrological impact on important days by themselves.
So far this is the first and only calculator online where now for the first time you can find out your Balinese astrological sign too..

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